Things You Might Not Know about the Best Coconut Sugar from Indonesia

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Marhaen Coco Indonesia is the best Indonesia copra supplier. We produce coconut products, including its derivatives. As a trusted coconut supplier, we have a mission to give the best natural resources to the world. 

Our company’s main values are Healthy, Quality, and Natural. Located in South Jakarta, we will help you meet your need to fulfill your demands for coconut products. We are looking forward to being your trusted partner and meeting your requirements. 

What are our products?

We serve you with our various products of the best quality. Harvested from matured coconut, our professional staff continues to process it into multiple coconut products. We provide coconut products in a high-quality technique.

Aside from producing Copra, we also offer you our top products. It includes Virgin Coconut Oil, Coco Fiber, Desiccated Coconut, Coconut Shell Charcoal, Coconut Charcoal Briquette, etc. Get our product at a competitive price but has a top quality. 

How do we do?

To keep continuously being the best Indonesia copra supplier, we make copra of high quality. Our process includes drying the fresh coconut meat, or called the kernel, using hybrid solar dryers. 

We select efficient and continuous drying technology. Through this technique, we can reduce around 50% of the kernel moisture content. Then, we can dry fresh coconut with 6% moisture in 48 hours. 

For the process, we maximize the use of solar energy during daylight. We also apply the renewable energy taken from smokeless biomass burning. It takes all night long to get the best quality copra. 

As the best Indonesia copra supplier, we believe that we produce copra in premium quality with a short drying time. Our professional team follows the standard factors to get top-quality products. 

We start by picking the mature coconut fruits for production. Why? It happens because of the high water content in the immature coconut.

Additionally, the immature fresh coconut has low oil after the drying process. Thus, it only gives us copra with a rubbery surface. After that, we take these mature fresh coconuts for the drying process.

The drying technique begins by placing the fresh coconut inside the dryer. To get the best quality, we put it in the dryer immediately after opening. Through this, we can prevent microbes from growing bacteria, fungus, and mold.

Another essential technique is the dryer temperature. We apply the temperature between 60-70 degrees Celsius. The best Indonesia copra supplier has to maintain the burning temperature to get desired products.

The fresh coconuts are burnt in higher temperatures as the lower temperature will harm our products. So, the microbes will not be growing and spoil the copra.

During the process, we keep it running continuously. We even do not stop increasing the oven dryer heat. We maintain the heat to get the desired product. 

Our professional staff always inspect the drying process periodically. Once we find any damaged copra, we will remove the copra from the dryer immediately. 

How to maintain our product quality?

Our professional team oversees the process from the beginning till the end. We maintain product quality control prior to the shipment as well. Additionally, we inspect it carefully before delivering it to our customers. 

We assure you that our products meet our standard characteristics, including the maximum moisture content and the free fatty acid content. Our drying process maximizes the burnt and smoky uses. 

Our top copra has no green on it. Thus, all are secure from mold, fungus, and other microbes. It meets the standard moisture content. 

Furthermore, our product contains 5% rubbery. By taking the mature fresh coconut, we can maximize the oil content on each. Therefore, we are confident to be the best Indonesia copra supplier.

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