Things You Might Not Know about the Best Coconut Sugar from Indonesia

coconut sugar

Marhaen Coco Indonesia supplies the topmost Coconut sugar from Indonesia. With the company located in the heart of the country, we produce premium coconut sugar. We maintain the production process from the beginning till received by our customers. 

Our Location

As a tropical country, we can grow coconut trees without obstacles. We get the benefit from the combination of our professional team and the ideal weather.

Coconut sugar has been deeply known in our local culture. People can trace it back from our history a hundred years ago. So, we provide our customers with the best coconut sugar.

Our Team

Our professional team has a deep understanding of the people and the culture in this country. Additionally, we receive the international organic certification standard and offer high-demand products. PT. Marhaen Coco Indonesia has become the leading supplier of Coconut sugar.

We process our coconut sugar starting by harvesting the coconuts. Then, we apply the high standard technique to get the top product. In the end, we deliver the product after some quality checks. 

Before starting the production, we check the quality of the coconut. Our operations oversee the process thoroughly. We deal with no middle man and take it directly from our farmer. 

Because of that, we can get the top quality product and a competitive price. We offer you the right source to be the topmost Coconut sugar from Indonesia. Come to us to get the quote.

Our Facility

Our company gets the benefit from the art facility provided. We adhere to Good Manufacturing Practice standards. Moreover, we enrich ourselves with infrastructure for a long-term period. 

We invest heavily in the infrastructure to be able to deliver the company vision. So, we can assure our customers of our best products. Our company maximizes the facility consistently to get the highest quality product. 

Moreover, we apply the vertical integration technique, which means from the farmers to you. We oversee the process and work directly with them. Daily, we maintain the production of coconut sugar with the highest quality. 

As the topmost Coconut sugar from Indonesia, we keep our farmers in continuous training. Through this, they can enrich themselves with farming practices and fertilize the trees. Besides, they can also learn further about processing the coconut sap that meets the requirement for international standards. 

This method can be the best way to control the supply chain. Thus, we can consistently keep our product to meet a high-quality standard. Additionally, it helps to reduce cost production and increase efficiency. 

Our Vision

Located in Indonesia, our company benefits from being surrounded by coconut trees. We are settled in the largest coconut trees area. Mostly, it is owned by the farmers. 

Thus, we ask their corporation to share the benefit to our company and our loyal customers. We enquire about their collaboration to produce the topmost Coconut sugar from Indonesia. So, they can get a better income because of fair trade. 

Observing this step, we oversee the process not only from the coconut but also from our farmers. We maintain the social responsibilities to our farmers as well. We make sure that the farmers can enjoy global trade. 

Marhaen Coco Indonesia has become the most sustainable company in the world. Our professional team watches the production process of coconut sugar at every step. We continuously see the production.

Moreover, the production begins with ideal steps. Every aspect, including the farmer and area, is selected carefully. Our team reassures the quality and the number. 

Aside from that, our team also supervises the farmer’s productivity. Therefore, our company can get the topmost Coconut sugar from Indonesia, which is healthy, natural, and sustainable. 

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