4 Tips to Get A Trusted Indonesia Copra Supplier

trusted indonesia copra supplier

Copra is dried flesh coconuts. It is taken from coconut trees. The nuts are split with machetes and dry in the direct sun. Workers will scrape out the husk and dry them on the racks to become copra. Read the details about this product below before looking for a trusted Indonesia copra supplier.

The Specification of Copra

Copra looks similar, but they are not. You can differentiate the quality of the copra from its grade. For example, when you see copra with white color, fully dried, and it has 61 to 63% oil content, it is a grade A copra.

Some others have a higher percentage of smoky, burnt, and immature copra containers. They are considered as grade C copra. This product is for crude coconut oil and RBD oil production. There is also edible copra.

The appearance is similar to grade A copra in which it has a clean white color and is fully dried, along with 60 to 62% oil content. The difference between edible copra and grade A copra is the size. Edible copra is taken from smaller size coconuts compared to grade A copra.

The Way the Supplier Works

A trusted Indonesia copra supplier works with high integrity, fairness, and ethical standards. Let’s say the supplier is actively improving the communities. Our company, PT. Marhaen Coco Indonesia is one of the examples of reputable copra suppliers that help the communities through extensive Corporate Social Responsibility programs. Our company also tries to give high-quality copra to achieve win-win partnership goals. Indeed, we work by considering the environment.

Produce A Variety of Products

Coconut Sugar

A professional supplier often produces a variety of products. Besides copra, we can also produce coconut sugar. It is made of the sap of the coconut trees. This product has lower fructose than cane sugar. That’s why it is safe for diabetic patients. Indonesia has the highest coconut production than the Philippines and India.

Coconut sugar from Indonesia is popular among the USA, China, Japan, Canada, Korea, Germany, and many more. There are two types of coconut sugar, which are conventional sugar and organic coconut sugar. The specifications of these products are similar, yet organic coconut sugar needs to have USDA, MSDS, and GMP certifications and ISO 22000 to ensure that it is an organic product.

RBD coconut oil

RBD coconut oil is one of the derivative products of copra. That’s why it is also known as copra oil. This product is edible. The oil is the extract of the kernel or meat of the mature coconuts. The benefit of RBD coconut oil is its high saturated fat content.

This oil is also slow to oxidize and resistant to rancidification. High-quality RBD coconut oil looks white, along with light beige to yellow solid fat if you put it at room temperature. Indonesia also distributes RBD coconut oil to several countries, including the USA, Thailand, and India.

The Place to Buy High-Quality Copra

Marhaen Coco Indonesia is ready to export copra and other coconut products to other countries. We are trusted Indonesia copra supplier,  has all types of copra, including grade A, grace C, and edible copra. Buyers can also order conventional coconut sugar, organic coconut sugar, and RBD coconut oil.

We has enough experience to export copra and other coconut products, along with a competitive price to other countries. They use the best package and delivery system to keep the quality of the coconut products.

Let’s say they protect the product with high-quality paper sacks or boxes with Food Grade Polyethylene lining coats. Buyers only have to order at least a 20 ft container, so this supplier can deliver it to their countries. Please check our page product about details. As trusted Indonesia copra supplier, we will do our best to fulfilled your needs.

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