6 Benefits of Coconut Sugar from Indonesia

coconut sugar from indonesia

Coconut sugar from Indonesia can be a great choice for your sweetener alternative especially if you want to have something healthier than your regular sugar. Many people love sweet things and this might be the reason why sugar has a very high demand yet more and more people realize that too much sweetness can be bad for their boy. That is why they consider using healthier sugar types and coconut sugar can be your choice for these great reasons.

Help You Regulate Your Body Water Content

You can get a lot of electrolytes from coconut sugar. It comes with sodium, magnesium, and potassium. Compared to regular sugar, coconut sugar comes with about 400 times more potassium. That is why you will not only enjoy the sweetness of coconut sugar but also its health benefits for helping your body regulating the water content. At the same time, it is also great to support the functions of muscle, nerve, and heart.

Low Glycemic Index

Sweetness cannot be separated from the glycemic index. If you want to get healthier sugar, it means that you need to choose one with a lower glycemic index. This might be the reason why people want to try coconut sugar as an alternative to their regular sugar because it comes with a low glycemic index that is only 35. It is much lower than the regular sugar that has a GI of 65. The glycemic index of coconut sugar is almost near to the natural glycemic index in fruits that is about 25.

Rich in Minerals, Nitrogen, and Vitamin C

Coconut sugar from Indonesia will be a great choice for your better health because it comes with various minerals such as calcium, zinc, and iron. You do not want to miss its benefits since you cannot find them in regular sugar. Do not forget that it also comes with nitrogen that can support your healthy heart system. It is amazing that coconut sugar also comes with vitamin C for a better immune system and antioxidant.

Healthy Fats and Healthy Fiber

The health benefit of coconut sugar can be found more. It also has short-chain fatty acids that are considered healthy fats. People will love coconut sugar since it can help them prevent heart problems and high cholesterol. Coconut sugar can also help you keep your digestive system healthy since it comes with a healthy dietary fiber called inulin. It is also great for color cancer prevention and blood sugar balance.

Lower Sucrose

When consuming standard table sugar, it means that you fully consume sucrose. It is the only thing you will get from the regular sugar. Nevertheless, you can cut off 25% of sucrose by consuming coconut sugar instead. Yes, coconut sugar does not only come with sucrose because it has other good stuff including minerals, vitamins, healthy fats, and fiber.

Without Bone Char

The process of making regular sugar and coconut sugar is completely different. You might have a big worry about consuming the regular sugar once you know that the making process will involve animal bone char. It is necessary for getting a fine consistency and white color you can see from the regular sugar. No animal is harmed during the coconut sugar production process.

Coconut sugar is getting more and more tempting since it is processed naturally and comes with various benefits. You might see an opportunity to have a better life and better business with coconut sugar and Marhaen Coco Indonesia can help you. This company has been in the coconut export industry for years. With an understanding of coconut, you will get high-quality Coconut sugar from Indonesia for export at a pretty competitive price.

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