Our  Philosophy

Marhaen Coco Indonesia direct contact with farmers and collectors enables us to obtain a good understanding of market dynamics and quality issues. We make regular visits to the various growing regions to get a feel for crop sizes and quality variations. Through a well-developed network of suppliers in a large number of producing areas, Marhaen Coco Indonesia ensure that raw materials can be sourced at the appropriate quality level and on time.

Supply Control

Marhaen Coco Indoensia also control and check all of our supply chains — from direct sourcing farmer until closing containers for export.

Agricultural Techniques

Marhaen Coco Indonesia team works closely with the farmers to ensure proper agricultural techniques are used. The most important is reduction of the use of pesticides, organic farming and the use of appropriate fertilizers.

Sun Drying

Also, our special know-how is dry spices by natural sun drying — this is how we preserve good quality and unique natural taste. This technique needs trained and qualified staff.


We pack our products according to customer requests and following regulation requirements from the customs department at each destination.


Marhaen Coco Indonesia feel responsible for our customer’s products. We aim for safety and optimization. Our customers can rely on us. We invest in people and in relationships with coconut farmers in order to be long-term partners and constantly innovate in our market. We provide the assurance that our customers can receive their products according to their specifications. We do this by sourcing, processing and delivering single spices and herbs in an economically-efficient and quality-consistent way. Our aim is to be a partner to our customers and to add value in the short as well as the long term.

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