How to Choose Supplier to Import RBD Coconut Oil from Indonesia

rbd coconut oil supplier

RBD coconut oil from Indonesia is known for its remarkable quality. It is getting more popular nowadays due to its health benefits. RBD stands for Refined, Bleached, and Deodorized. The oil needs to be refined and processed because it is made from dried coconut meat, or also known as copra. The drying process of copra produces oil that can be used for so many purposes. The oil needs to be purified first before it can be used. The oil is filtered, bleached, and then heated to a high temperature. 

Many people purchase this oil  because they want to experience RBD coconut oil benefits. This oil is good for cooking at high temperatures because it has a higher smoking point compared to the other cooking or coconut oil. Furthermore, because it has undergone complicated processing, this oil has a longer shelf life, which is good for industries that require durable oil for stockpiling. Thanks to the refining process, it is safe to say that RBD coconut oil is more hygienic compared to unrefined oil. 

Unfortunately, RBD oil is not created equally. If you want to get its best benefit, you also have to choose the best manufacturer, especially if you want to purchase it in bulk to meet the demands of high-quality coconut oil in your country. Here are some things to consider when choosing RBD coconut oil supplier from Indonesia to import.

Check Their Track Record

You will find many RBD coconut oil supplier from Indonesia, but importing is a whole different business. Sending a product to another country is not easy. There are many regulations and processes to follow. The supplier also must be able to keep the products safe during the transporting process. This is why you must be careful when choosing a coconut oil supplier.

Marhaen Coco is one of the best suppliers of RBD oil in Indonesia that has many experiences importing coconut products to different countries. Its clients come from Germany, United States, Japan, and many more. Its copras are rich in color and texture. They also still retain many of their nutrients due to the excellent processing technology. Because the copras are high-quality, the RBD oil extracted from the copras also has outstanding qualities.

Packaging is very important in the export-import process, especially when the product is in liquid form. As an experienced RBD oil supplier, Marhaen Coco understands how to pack the oil well. It is neatly packed so it stays fresh and safe during transportation. The excellent refining process also increases the shelf life of the product. 

The price of RBD coconut oil from Indonesia can be varied. It will depend on the supplier and the quality of the product. High prices can be a sign of good quality products, but you don’t have to worry. Marhaen Coco offers competitive pricing with the best quality to ensure client’s satisfaction.

CSR and Environmental Policies

It is important to check the company’s social responsibility programs and environmental policies. This is because companies who are dedicated to giving back to the community where they are making a profit are usually more passionate about producing the best RBD coconut oil. 

So, it is a good idea to check what policies the company has to protect the environment and support the local community where their plantation and factory reside. Environmentally friendly companies will use the organic farming method, which is more sustainable for the environment, and also produce healthier products.

Marhaen Coco is one of the best RBD oil suppliers in Indonesia who respects the environment and cares about the well-being of its local farmers. Its operations conform to the norms and guidelines of the industry. So its products are safe to use. This is what you want to look for when choosing RBD coconut oil supplier from Indonesia.

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