What to Consider Before Choosing Copra Supplier from Indonesia

choosing copra supplier

It is easy to find a copra supplier from Indonesia. This country is blessed with a perfect environment for coconut to grow so there are so many copra cake manufacturers here. However, if you plan to import copra from Indonesia, it is important to find the best supplier. Here are some things to consider before choosing a copra supplier in Indonesia.


Quality should always be your priority. Ask the supplier what kind of coconut products they offer and whether they can supply the products that you need. If you need copra, don’t forget to ask what kind of drying method they use. There are many drying techniques used to make copra, but sun-drying delivers the best result. Due to its climate, sun-drying is commonly used in Indonesia and it also can result in better quality copra.


Price is very important in business so don’t leave this out in your negotiation. Don’t forget to check Indonesia copra price today so you know the standard rate of copra in the country. The business of coconut products is very competitive in this country. So, a well-established and reputable copra supplier from Indonesia will not hesitate to give you discounts if you buy in bulk. 

Marhaen Coco is one of the most prominent players in the copra industry. This company believes that customers’ satisfaction and building harmonious relationships with clients are very important. So, this company will not cheat on the price and will honor the norm and rules in the coconut product industry. You don’t have to worry about the price if you do business with this Indonesia copra cake supplier. 

Supply Control

How a company controls its supply chain can show its credibility. Marhaen Coco always controls and checks all of their supply chains. Even though the plantations and factories of this company are located in different areas, but the supply chains are always under supervision.

The company always checks on the farmers working in their plantations to make sure they use the proper farming methods, from the use of pesticides to fertilizers. After that, the company also will monitor each step of the processing method, from the harvesting of the coconuts to the final drying process.

Furthermore, the company will also check the distribution process of the copra. It is done to ensure the product will arrive safely at the destination.


You also should ask about how the company packs the products because packaging matters. A good copra supplier from Indonesia will make sure that the packaging conforms to the standard and regulations of the custom departments in each destination country. This is why it is very important to choose an experienced company like Marhaen Coco. This company also can pack the products according to what the customer wants. Sometimes, the customers know more about the regulation in their country. This company will gladly take your advice to ensure the safety of the product and customer satisfaction.

Factory Visit

It is a good idea to visit the factory or the plantation first. It will give you a perspective on how the company operates. It also can be proof that the company is legit. If a company refuses to show you its factory and plantation, it is definitely a red flag.

Marhaen Coco doesn’t hesitate to invite you to its factory and plantation. Its plantation is located in the eastern part of Indonesia, and the factory is in Java, the busiest and most populated island in Indonesia. 

Choosing a copra supplier from Indonesia is a big decision that will have a huge influence on your business. So, make sure to only do business with a reputable supplier like Marhaen Coco to make sure you get the best coconut products.

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