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Indonesia is a tropical country with a long beach line which means that it is a great place to grow coconut. Coconut makes you imagine the beach but it can be made into various products as well. Copra is one of the coconut products that become the beginning of many products. The best Indonesia copra supplier will provide you with the best quality copra that can be a great material for making various copra-derived products.

What is Copra?

First things first, some people might be familiar with coconut but the term copra is still pretty strange for them. Copra is dried coconut meat. It is the simplest way to explain what copra is. You might think that making copra is pretty easy since you can call it copra as long as the coconut meat is dried. Nevertheless, it takes a long process to make the best copra. You need ideal copra because you will use it for making other products.

How to Make Copra

The best Indonesia copra supplier will always pay attention to the quality of the product by making sure that it is made in the right process. Some manufacturers will need 300 days for making 3-4 kg of coconut for producing the high-quality copra.

Some drying methods can be used for making copra. But before that, the coconut husk must be removed to get the coconut meat only. The coconut meat will be broken into smaller pieces and will be dried.

The coconut meat pieces can be dried with the smoke drying method. It is the traditional method for drying coconut meat, after all. The combustion smoke will be used during the process. That is why the copra result will come with a strong smoke aroma and the color tends to be darker.

The copra can also be made by drying the coconut meat under the sun. For this process, the coconut will be cut into two pieces. The meat must be spread on the open surface. This method can produce copra with whiter color than the previous method.

The common drying method used by many manufacturers is the indirect hot drying method. The fresh coconut meat will be dried by making a contact with the clean hot air. After this process, the dried coconut meat can go to sun drying and oven drying method later.

There is also a drying method in the kiln. This method will allow you to control the air circulation, temperature, and humidity in the chamber. With this method, the moisture content in the coconut meat can be reduced to the expected level without having to worry that the coconut meat will be too dry.

Uses of Copra

What is the copra used for? People usually do not consume copra right away. It might sound like dried fruit but it is used more as the main material for various products especially coconut oil.

Various types of oil can be made from copra. It is used for making virgin coconut oil that is essential for making skin moisturizer products. It can be made into body lotion and lipstick. It can also be used as a home remedy for ringworm or fungal infection in pet animals.

Besides making virgin coconut oil, copra is also important for making crude coconut oil. Coconut oil is not only used for cooking and making health or beauty products. It can also be used as a bio-diesel. The copra meal that is the residue of coconut oil extraction can be great livestock feed as well.

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