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indonesia coconut product suplier

Marhaen Coco is a leading Indonesian coconut product supplier. This company has an excellent track record as one of the best Indonesia coconut exporters. Marhaen Coco has helped customers in many countries, such as Japan, United States, and Germany to enjoy quality coconut products. 

Organic Farming Method

Marhaen Coco has a special place in its customers’ hearts because it has developed an excellent agricultural technique that improves the quality of its products. The company works together with the local farmers to ensure the quality of the farming method. 

To ensure the quality of the coconuts, as well as to show the company’s commitment to sustainable agriculture, Marhaen Coco’s farmers use the organic farming method. To reduce the risks of exposure to toxic materials, the use of pesticides is reduced. The company also uses fertilizers that are safe for the environment.

Special Sun-Drying Technique

Copra is a very popular coconut product from Indonesia. As the best Indonesia coconut product supplier, Marhaen Coco pays attention to the quality of its copra. The company uses a special sun-drying technique to make sure the copra is up to the world’s standard. 

Copra is a dried coconut kernel. So, drying is the most important step in producing high-quality copra. Its quality is strongly determined by what drying method is used. Proper drying techniques will improve its shelf life and increase coconut oil production. On the contrary, if the copra is not properly dried, it will increase the production of aflatoxins which can spoil the product. 

Sun-drying has many advantages compared to the other drying techniques, for instance, it is more hygienic and can help to retain the nutrients in the product. Indonesia is blessed with sunshine all year round. So, this great drying method can be used well.

Variety of High-Quality Products

If you are looking for a coconut supplier in Indonesia, make sure it supplies a wide variety of coconut products, just like Marhaen Coco. This Indonesia coconut product supplier has sufficient knowledge and technology to produce many types of coconut products. So, this is a one-stop-shop for all your coconut needs. 

Some of its most popular products are copra, RBD oil, and coconut sugar. These three products are currently in high demand in the world market due to their benefits. But if you are looking for other coconut products, Marhaen Coco is the supplier that you want to call.

This company also supplies coco fiber, coco feat, semi-husked coconut, and coconut charcoal briquette that can be used as a household fuel. In addition, this company also supplies Virgin Coconut Oil. This oil is known for its health benefits, and also can be used for cooking for a healthier meal. 

Corporate Social Responsibility

The company will not be able to grow without the contribution of the local farmers. Their knowledge and hard work are the foundation of every coconut supply company in Indonesia. This is why Marhaen Coco takes Corporate Social Responsibility very seriously. 

The company is committed to giving back to the local community where its plantation and factory reside. Marhaen Coco does not hesitate to share its knowledge and technology with the local farmers and citizens so that they can improve their agricultural skills. 

In addition, Marhaen Coco always makes sure that its activity is sustainable and environmentally friendly. This is one of the reasons why the company always sticks to organic farming. In the 21st century, a company must pay attention to environmental issues, especially for a company that operates in the agricultural sector. As an Indonesia coconut product supplier, Marhaen Coco is not established solely to gain profit, but also to help the people around them to enjoy a better life. 

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