RBD Coconut Oil: A Complete Guide

rbd coconut oil

RBD Coconut Oil is getting more and more popular recently because of various reasons. Many people choose this oil as a healthier option the palm oil. Nevertheless, you might still have a big question about this type of coconut oil especially since you also can find other types of coconut oil. Let’s find out more about this coconut oil. You will find out that this type of coconut oil is very promising.

What is RBD Coconut Oil?

The very first question you might have about this coconut oil type is about what is this coconut oil type? The RBD term added to the coconut oil has a specific meaning. It is not only used for naming the coconut oil type but also representing the way this coconut oil is processed. RBD refers to refined, bleached, and deodorized. This coconut oil is made from coconut copra. Before being released to the market, the oil has been through those processes, after all.

RBD Coconut Oil vs. Virgin Coconut Oil

Although you might still have a big question about the RBD oil, you must be more familiar with virgin coconut oil. The difference can be seen in the process. For making the RBD oil, copra or dried coconut will be used. Meanwhile, virgin coconut oil is made from fresh mature coconut meats. Virgin coconut oil has less processing than the RBD one. You know the main process of making RBD oil that will involve heat, chemicals, and pressures. You will not find those processes when making virgin coconut oil. How can you distinguish both physically? Virgin coconut oil still has the fresh coconut smell and taste. Since the RBD oil has been processed, this oil does not have any taste or smell. RBD one is great for frying than the virgin one since it comes with a higher smoking point. Price-wise, the virgin one is more expensive than the RBD one.

How to Process

The RBD Coconut Oil can be delivered to the customers after passing through three steps. The first step is refining to cleanse the copra produce that comes with dirt, fungi, and bacteria. Cleansing is a must to make the copra extraction perfect. The oil extracted will be heated at a high temperature to eliminate bacteria, viruses, and germs. The smell from the oil will be eliminated by adding natrium hydroxide. This last step is also beneficial to eliminate the remaining free fat and mono fat.

Advantages of RBD Coconut Oil

There must be some reasons why this type of coconut oil has a high demand on the market. First of all, you have to pay attention to the smoking point of this coconut oil that is higher than the virgin one and other oils. That is why this oil will not get ruined easily when used for frying.

This type of coconut oil also comes at a pretty affordable price compared to other oil types including canola oil, corn oil, and olive oil. People want to get a healthier oil alternative for frying but they do not want to spend too much. That is why the RBD oil from coconut becomes a great choice.

People simply love using this oil for cooking because it does not come with a copra smell or taste at all. It will not affect the smell and taste of their cooking, for sure. Yet, this oil is not used for home cooking only. It is also an important material for making various health and beauty products.

RBD Coconut Oil from Marhaen Coco Indonesia

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