The Way to Get High-Quality Copra and The Use of It

high quality copra

Copra is one of the crucial coconut products because it is the ingredient of the derivative products. As the largest coconut producer, Indonesia has high quality copra and other coconut products. PT. Marhaen Coco Indonesia is the Indonesia high quality copra supplier that is ready to support buyers with a variety of coconut products.

High Quality Copra

Some companies need high quality copra, so they can process it into other products, such as coconut oil, soap shampoo, cosmetics, medicines, and many more. It is the dried flesh of coconuts. The coconuts are split with machetes and dry in the direct sun.

High quality Copra is scraped out of the husk and dried on racks. This supplier will pack the copra in jute bags and transport them to customers. Customers can order three types of copras, which are grade A, grade C, and edible copra.

Grade A copra is white and fully dried. It often has around 61 up to 63% oil content. This high quality copra is only taken from well-matured copra. Grade C copra is sorted from grade A copra. They often have a higher percentage of the smoky and burnt surface.

Edible copra is also white, fully dried, and taken from mature copra as grad A copra. The difference is in the percentage of oil content and the size of the coconut size. Edible copra has a bit lower oil content around 60 to 62%. The size of the coconut is also smaller than grade A copra. Customers can order all types of copra at PT. Marhaen Coco Indonesia at least 20ft container.

Best Coconut Sugar

Coconut sugar has become one of the most popular copra derivative products. It is healthier than cane sugar. Coconut trees produce flower buds that contain non-GMO sweetener. Organic coconut sugar even has more nutrients, including magnesium, potassium, zinc, iron, vitamin B, and amino acids.

Coconut sugar from Indonesia has been exported to other countries, including the USA, Korea, Japan, Germany, and many more. The color of coconut sugar is light brown to dark and in the form of powder or granules.

Based on the research, coconut sugar has lower fructose compared to cane sugar that makes it safe for people with diabetes. The specifications of conventional coconut sugar and organic coconut sugar are hard to differentiate. The only difference is on the certification in which organic coconut sugar should have USDA, MSDS, and GMP certifications and also ISO 22000.

Marhaen Coco Indonesia has enough experience to export coconut sugar to other countries. They use a specific package such as paper sacks or boxes with a Food Grade Polyethylene lining coat to keep the quality of the coconut sugar.

A package of coconut sugar consists of a 25 kg paper sack or 20 kg box. Customers have to order at least a 20ft container whether they want to buy conventional sugar or organic coconut sugar. Indeed, the price is also competitive.

Great RBD Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is also known as copra oil. Refined, Bleached, and Deodorized coconut oil is made of the extract of the mature coconut kernel or meat. This product is healthier because of its high saturated fat content compared to other oil products.

Users can keep this oil for up to six months at 24 degrees Celsius or 75 degrees Fahrenheit at room temperature. The essential compounds make it slow to oxidize and resistant to rancidification. Good quality RBD coconut oil is white, along with light beige to a yellow solid fat.

It contains several valuable substances, including Iodine, Peroxide, and acid. Customers often use this oil in culinary products, beauty products, and others.  

Customers can check all the products above at PT. Marhaen Coco Indonesia. This supplier is also ready with other coconut and high quality copra derivative products. Customers will get high quality copra with all experiences that this company has.     

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